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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, William Quill who was born in New York on June 12, 1933 and passed away on December 02, 2006 at the age of 73.  Bill was a loyal, loving husband, caring father and proud grandfather.  He spent a lifetime helping others with never the expectation of anything in return.  He was a heart transplant recipient and champion of the organ donor program.  His credo was "Don't take your organs to heaven...heaven knows we need them here."  We will remember Bill forever.

"The heart is a living museum.  In each of its galleries, no matter how narrow or dimly lit, preserved forever...are our moments of loving and being loved. "     

                                             by William Quill 2/6/2002

                       In the bottomless sea of time and life
               Beloved parents and siblings, present and past       
                     Mother to my children, my loving wife
                         A fleeting moment gone by so fast

              Happy times, personal tragedies, heart brimming
                      The exciting births, the final good byes
                       Sometimes I surprise myself swimming 
                               In the ocean of my blue eyes  

                                 A blue ocean so very deep
                          Tidal currents running so strong
                                       A lifetime of deeds
                          Hopefully more right than wrong

                           Loving friends both old and new
                           Memorable times fondly in mind
                         Exceptional times..more than a few
                            Friends as close as you can find

                      A life not sumptuous but yet rewarding
                           Satisfaction with every days strife
                             Living well but barely affording
                                 The extreme luxuries of life

                                     Yet happy with lifes lot
                                Seeing the beauty of the skies
                                   So this impression I've got
                     Of swimming in the ocean of my blue eyes

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Tributes and Condolences
You Will Remain in Our Hearts Forever   / Keith Quill (Son)
For everyone that knew Dad, you knew a person that could be irritable, short tempered and a person who had little tolerance for things that most people would let slide right off their backs.  We accepted those things and loved him dearly.  ...  Continue >>
My Love   / Elaine Quill (wife)
When I was little girl, I daydreamed about the sort of person I would fall in love with someday.  I pretended I would find someone out of a fairy tale, someone wonderful who wasn't like anyone else in the whole wide world. When I grew up I ...  Continue >>
You Lovely Man William.   / Joan. Taylor. (None.)
Hi To All Of William's  Family.
My heart and prayer's go out to all William's family.
William is looking over all of you To-day and alway's.
And one Day You Will see your William again when God reaches down for your hand to join y...  Continue >>
Treasured Friend   / Rich And Paulette Paliana (very good friend )
Our hearts are overcome with grief. Bill was a wonderful friend and he was always there for us.  Rich and I introduced Bill and Elaine to each other many years ago. It was as a match made in heaven.Bill had a heart of gold and wou...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Where do you begin?  

Where do you begin a legacy of a man who gave so much and expected so little in return, how do you sum up someone so complex but so caring and loving?  I will try but as we always said there was only one Bill Quill in this world and he was definitely unique in every aspect of his life...

For me, your wife, you will remain in my heart forever.  My partner in life who enhanced my accomplishments and helped me realize my dreams.  Forever caring, forever sharing you redefined the qualities of loyalty, devotion and love.  Whether you were listening from the heart or inspiring by example, your contributions to my life surpassed being significant.  Thank you for loving me and making my life so complete.  I will miss your touch, your smile and most of all waking up beside you.

For your children you were a hero of life's daily adventures, who inspired his children with a man's wisdom and a boy's heart.  You were firm in your guidance, gentle in your love, and selfless in your sense of duty to your family.  A father who passed along to his children the lessons of a lifetime of experiences.  You taught them not only by words but by example to never give up to follow their hearts and dreams and no matter what they did you were there for them, good, bad or indifferent.  You far out exceeded yourself with all six of your children.  They are your true legacy.  All six are beautiful productive human beings and I know how proud you were of all of them, and rightfully so.  You always said you may not have been a rich man financially but you were truly blessed beyond riches when it came to your family.

For all your grandchildren, those you have presently and were blessed to experience and for future ones, you will always be their "Poppy", the best grandpa on the face of this earth and now in heaven.  You were blessed, again, by all of your children's children.  They are all beautiful healthy human beings who will all turn out as beautiful as their parents did, how could they not...they are, after all, their grandfathers legacy.  Knowing you the way that I do, I am positive beyond a shadow of a doubt you will be there to watch over them or at the bare least you will make sure they are being watched over by an army of guardian angels.  Needless to say, with the growing number of grandchildren we will definitely need an army to watch over them!

You taught us the true meaning of the word family.  Belonging to, there for and believing in each other.  Family was always paramount to you and it will always be at the center of life's meaning for all of us.  Individuals linked together by a golden chain of love that you created.  Your untiring devotion to all of us will live on forever, you can rest comfortably.

Bill never felt he did enough for his loved ones.  He always felt he should have done more.  He had a heart transplant at the age of 69; he was in the hospital 6 months to the day after the transplant.  He fought back from the brink of death numerous times and gave us 4 1/2 years more of his life and love.  He never gave up or complained and was regarded as a miracle man by all the healthcare professionals and people that knew and loved him.  Always willing to work so hard to get better and never giving up.  Our love and devotion to one another and his love of his family kept him going far longer than anyone could expect or imagine.  No matter how sick he became he never lost his will to live, his sense of humor or his famous smile.  We will miss that quick tongue and that infamous smile greatly.  Our hearts will be with you forever.

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Bill December 2004 in Aruba
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